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Join Sarah and the TBG team on their beauty adventures across all four corners as they shop for beber lipstick in Moroccan souks, track down the best facialists in Hollywood, sample collagen menus in Japan and learn ancient beauty secrets from Indian elders.

In a time where western beauty standards are influencing perceptions around the world, its never been more important to celebrate our cultural diversity. Heavy on facts, light on gossip – TBG isn’t just another trend site but a beauty community where readers can submit their own videos, blogs and advise to be posted on the site. If you’ve discovered a must-have treatment, The Beauty Globe want to hear about it!

 “I’m lucky because my job takes me all over the world. When I’m in a new country I’m always on the trail of beauty products, factories and local experts to visit while I’m there. And it’s not just about the latest trends. If you really want to get to know a country, beauty practices are the best place to start – they’re ingrained into a culture’s identity”

Sarah Jagger, The Beauty Globe Founder & Editor
The Beauty Globe by Sarah Jagger