Perfect Brows by Sarah Jagger

Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

My most popular Semi Permanent Makeup treatment by far is the Eyebrows. Eyeliner and Lip liner will beautify but creating eyebrows where they are none can entirely change the way that a woman looks and feels.

I recently had a client visit me for a full Eyebrow Reconstruction. Having already lost her eyebrows to years of over-plucking, they eventually disappeared all together during an awful period of chemotherapy. Thankfully my client’s health fully recovered but her eyebrows didn’t and she had taken to wearing a long fringe that she really didn’t feel suited her.

It never fails to amaze me the impact a great set of brows has on a face. The right length will frame the eyes. The correct shape will make the eyes appear bigger and brighter. A beautiful arch will add a certain ‘polished elegance’. Lifting the tail ends of the brow can knock five years off a face there and then.

My client in question was understandably nervous about the treatment. She was keen to see natural looking results. After all, I was about to draw on hairs that would last around a year! I began by using an eyebrow pencil in a similar shade to her hair colour to draw the brow onto the skin. This is an important process – I like to use a method of measuring that will ensure both brows match each other exactly. Symmetry is key to beauty and these measurements need to be precise. My client was delighted with the shape – a soft but highly arched brow that instantly made the eyes ‘pop’.

The process is rather like a tattoo however I implant the colour into the shallow dermal layer of the skin. The needle I use is incredibly thin , allowing me to apply strokes as fine as natural hairs. These ‘hairs’ will fade gradually over the year until a colour boost is required.

My client was so happy with her new eyebrows that she cried. The fringe was scooped back at the same time that her posture straightened. I literally watched her confidence grow instantly.

This really must be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!