Alkalizing my way to great skin by Sarah Jagger

Alkalizing my way to great skin

[vc_column_text][dropcaps type=’normal’ color=” background_color=” border_color=”]I[/dropcaps] first met Alkaline Chef, Natasha Corrett of Honestly Healthy Food at a Bobbi Brown Cosmetics press event.

To compliment the launch of Bobbi’s new Weightless Foundation, Natasha was offering advice on eating your way to great skin with alkalinising ingredients -blending up some green smoothies and almond tarts for us to try while we perused the makeup collection.

I told Natasha I was about to embark on a one week green juice fast to detox my congested complexion. Even though I’m a premium skincare-aholic and no dead skin cell is left unsloughed, I still suffer from redness and spots, especially this time of year – post holiday.

My skin usually breaks out after slathering on sun cream, eating and drinking too decadently.

Generally, diets aren’t for me – I loathe them and they make me think about food. All The Time!

My spotty skin was incentivising me to give it a go though and the thought of juicing away my post holiday muffin top was equally tempting.
‘Don’t do it’ Natasha said, ‘If there was a diet that truly worked, we’d all be on it and no other diets would exist.

The reason the weight loss industry is so big is because people keep failing on diets. Juicing fasts – even green juices make bloodsugar levels fluctuate too much and the results aren’t maintainable.’ Natasha went on to explain how eating a vegetarian, alkaline diet not only shifts weight but shows up in the skin as plump, hydrated and glowing’.

After tasting Natasha’s food that day and flicking through her latest cookbook, Honestly Healthy for life, I didn’t need much convincing.

Victoria Beckham is a fan of Natasha’s recipes and it’s easy to see why so many glow-getting celebrities like Elle McPherson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are jumping on the alkaline bandwagon.

Every meal is thoughtfully planned with inventive deliciousness in mind.
Where the recipes lack in sugar, gluten and dairy they makes up for in organic, alkalinising ingredients that taste amazing and look beautifully colourful on the plate…. just the right balance of salty, sweet, crunchy and creamy. I find myself craving vegetables each time I open the book.

Starting out

Alkalizing my way to great skin fridge shot by Sarah Jagger

My fridge with the one week Honestly Healthy ‘fridge fill’

Before I rush out to stock up on quinoa and avocados I kick-start my alkaline diet by signing up to a one week Honestly Healthy ‘fridge fill’- a six-day delivery with 3 meals and two snacks for each day.

I can’t believe how much food is in my delivery when I opened the box.

Braised Fennel with orange millet pilaf, coconut chia pudding and a superfood bowl with edible flowers are just some if the meals within- all packed in handy travel containers.

‘Dieting’ for want of a better word has never been easier and Fridge fill takes the thinking out of cooking and grocery shopping as well as eliminating the temptation to snack on sugary treats.

A few days in…

After a few days my skin broke out- a good sign that my body was eliminating toxins. At the end of the six days my tummy was flat, my digestive system was more regular (than it’s ever been) and the muffin top had all but disappeared.

A week later

The following week my skin was glowing (my husband even noticed) and I was spot free. Four weeks on I’m a complete convert. I haven’t touched refined sugar and have limited meat, cheese and red wine to weekends.

Weight loss and great skin aside, I have so much energy, I’m bouncing off the walls and it’s this vitality that keeps me going back for more.

So, how does it work?

The theory behind alkaline eating is this: The values of PH within the bloodstream are measured from 0-14. For our body to supply us with lots of energy, digest food, regulate mood and make skin glow, the PH range should ideally sit at a slightly alkaline state of 7.35-7.45.

Rose and Pistachio raw Chocolate recipe by Natasha Corrett Akaline Diet story by Sarah Jagger

Rose and Pistachio Raw Chocolate recipe – nom nom!

Alkaline foods such as green vegetables, seeds and avocados are easier to digest, improve immune function and reduce inflammation in the body and skin (think bloating, wind, eczema, spots and psoriasis). They’re also high in water content, which keeps skin cells hydrated and plump. Natasha recommends a 70% alkaline diet, with 30% room for treats (as long as they’re not made with refined sugar, that is).

Check our her delicious desserts like sticky toffee pudding or Rose & Pistachio Raw Chocolate – Yum!

A typical day on an Alkaline diet

A typical ‘Alkaline’ day would consist of a cup of hot water and lemon with a large green smoothie for breakfast; green pea and watercress risotto for lunch; vegetable tagine with cauliflower couscous for dinner and nuts, seeds or raw chocolate for snacks.

Acid forming foods to avoid (or keep to 30% of your diet) are alcohol, coffee, meat, eggs, shellfish, cow’s dairy, wheat flour and of course refined sugar- the bad guy when it comes to acidity.

There are days when I need quick food on the run so I stock my handbag with alkaline snacks such as almonds, brazil nuts, kale chips and celery sticks just in case I find myself in a situation where sandwiches are the only option.

Most mornings I whizz up an enormous green smoothie, which takes just seconds and means that I’m starting my day with 6 green vegetables sweetened with ¼ of a banana and a little coconut water.

In the past, diets have always been difficult because forbidden food is so much more tempting. Eating alkaline and following mouth watering recipes from Honestly Healthy have changed the way I look at diets.

Eating Alkaline is a way of life… and it’s delicious.

Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill from £220 for six days

Honestly Healthy for Life £25

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