proto-col mineral makeup

Make Mine Mineral

Proto-col have cleverly blurred the line between makeup and skincare

I’ve long been an advocate of mineral makeup. When it comes to making a celebrity client look radiant and youthful, I have to say that there is really no better product than a mineral powder foundation.

You may have noticed that for some time now ‘Mineral’ has been a beauty buzz word used by almost every cosmetic brand around and it’s with good reason. Mineral ingredients, in their purest form, promise to not only even out the skin tone but also diffuse fine lines and offer the complexion a natural, high sun protection.

The science is pretty simple. Mineral rocks such as mica, zinc and titanium dioxide are crushed into a powder form so that they shimmer ever so slightly (without looking glittery) when they’re brushed onto the skin. When the minerals blend with natural oils already in the skin the result is a complexion that looks flawless… and because the minerals are so finely milled they can be built up in sheer layers to cover the most stubborn areas of redness without looking cakey.

Sarah jagger recommends protocol baked mineral makeupIn my experience, once I introduce a woman to mineral makeup, she loves the effect so much so that she rarely wants to go back to using a traditional foundation. The problem however is that most mineral foundations come in pots of loose powder and require clever application to get the right amount of coverage without using too much. Many women complain that the pots spill in their handbags and that the loose eye shadows fall all over the face when brushed over the eyelid.

Enter Proto-col, the company best known for bringing us skin-strengthening collagen in tablet form. Proto-col has now turned their hand to compact mineral makeup and the timing couldn’t be better. I was delighted to receive a selection of their Baked Minerals range of compacts because it meant that I would be able to carry mineral makeup in my kit and apply it without having to worry about the

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was more than just mineral makeup. Proto- col have cleverly blurred the line between makeup and skincare, blending complexion calming essential oils like jojoba oil and safflower oil together with healing lavender(great for spot prone skin) and baking them into a compact to make application easy. The foundations feel super soft and silky to touch.

They leave the complexion feeling hydrated yet not at all greasy. I love the Baked Mineral Colour Corrector – a swirl of green and flesh toned powder which adapts to any skin tone to obliterate redness.

The shimmer powders impart an instant glow without looking too shimmery. The eye shadows are a dream to blend and my favourite; Smoky, suits absolutely every skin tone I use it on.

The best product really is the lip gloss though. The wand lights up for easy application and the tube has a mirror on the side so that you can see what you’re doing. A range that’s easy to apply and absolutely flawless looking on the skin- I think this could be the future of mineral makeup.

From £11.95 to £27.95