Forget foundation. This is so much better!

Could foundation be a thing of the past? When you meet Giorgio Armani’s revolutionary new complexion perfector, Maestro, you may never want to pick up another foundation ever again.

We’re all familiar with foundation formulas that sit too obviously on top of the skin, melt away during the day or leave the complexion looking too dry or greasy. The foundation that imparts a completely natural looking, youthful glow has long been the holy grail of the beauty world and a process of trial and error for women everywhere… until now.

Maestro is not a foundation. It may look like a foundation and it will even out the skin tone like a foundation but this product is far cleverer than any foundation I’ve ever used.

This unique formula feels absolutely weightless- as if there is literally nothing on your skin. The texture is sort of like liquid silk, with an ultra-fine-oil-pigment suspension system that makes blending effortless ( it seems to fuse effortlessly with the skin upon contact) and the finish provides great coverage at the same time as appearing virtually invisible.

In a nut shell, this makes you look as if you have perfect skin- naturally perfect skin. My job just got easier!

Maestro is exclusive to Selfridges, London from 1st September 2012 and Nationwide from 1st October 2012.