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Whiter Teeth Without the Price Tag

Teeth Whitening


I recently stumbled upon the most incredible offer and thought it would be a crime not to share it with you all. If you have ever paid through the roof to have your teeth whitened, well…look away now… because this latest whitening treatment is astonishingly FREE!

The super swish looking dental clinic, Agger & Pickering (based in London right next door to the famous Gherkin building) is offering Free Whiter Teeth for Life for their existing patients as well as anyone who joins the clinic.

If you’ve never had your teeth whitened before, you’re in for a treat because nothing makes a person look healthier or younger than a set of pearly bright nashers. So what’s involved? The procedure is really quite simple: First, a mould is taken of your teeth to create your custom made dental tray, and then you are given tooth whitening gel to use at your leisure at home. The process is far more comfortable than the alternative laser whitening and the depth of lightening is left entirely up to you.

This treatment can often cost up to £500 so Agger & Pickering’s offer isn’t one to be missed…and I can personally recommend the dentists myself!


Terms and conditions:

Address: Renown House, 33-34 Bury Street, London. EC3A 5AR