It’s a Miracle -The Other Brazilian

I spend a lot of time on my hair…not because I want it to look perfectly polished or groomed and not because I’m obsessive about it. The truth is that I would scare small children if I was a ‘wash and go’ kind of girl and, well…I like kids.

Some people are genetically predisposed to frizz – others, curl. Some have hair so fine and straight that nothing can be done with it. Well, I was blessed with all of the above. Throw in a cocktail of bleach, peroxide and blow drying and you’re getting a picture of the mop that is my hair.

Imagine my delight (and to be honest, a touch of sheer disbelief) when I heard about Brazilian Hair Straightening- the first of it’s kind that is gentle enough to be used on colour treated hair. Otherwise known in some salons as ‘The Semi Permanent Blow Dry’, this conditioning keratin treatment promises to transform even the most distressed, frizz prone locks into baby soft hair for at least three months- no styling required.

Skepticism aside (I’ll try anything once), I booked myself a treatment and am over the moon to report that 24 hours later, I am the proud owner of absolutely gorgeous hair. I’d even go so far as to say I would give Jennifer Aniston a run for her money in the hair stakes.

The best part is not just the silky smooth and super- conditioned curtain falling over my shoulders but the promise that life will no longer be spent planning the hours it takes to wash, dry and torture my barnet into place.

I can finally (sort of) refer to myself as ‘low maintenance’ because I’m a wash and go girl now!

Salons everywhere offer Brazilian Straightening at around £300. If you live in London, I recommend the fantastic hairdresser who did my hair, Julia from or 07853041489.

A freelance stylist, Julia will come to you and her prices start at only £100.

Do what I did and invite a girlfriend around to have her’s done at the same time.That way you can spend the afternoon doing what girls do best – cooing over each others hair.