Getting Properly Lashed

Yes size matters. Well, at least it does when it comes to your eyelashes… because this season the only beauty accessory you’ll need to update your makeup wardrobe is a set of long, thick, fluttering lashes.

Unfortunately my lashes failed the test of pregnancy and thinned out to almost nothing as soon as I had my baby. I used to be a huge advocate of eyelash extensions but keeping them looking lustrous required weekly one hour refills – a luxury that disappeared with the pitter-patter of tiny, high maintenance feet.

So, as thrilled as I was to receive Idol lash as a present (thank you Idol lash), I was equally sceptical that it would work in the same way that all the other lash growth accelerator serums I had tried, which was pretty much not at all.

Firstly I would like to say: Buy this product. It works and it works quickly. My lashes are at least twice as thick and double their length. Secondly I would like to encourage you to take a BEFORE picture of your lashes and another after two weeks of using Idol lash.

 My lashes before  My lashes after
My lashes before My lashes after 2 weeks


IDOL LASH £24.99