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Perfect Skin Sarah Jagger

Get gorgeous skin: latest products in review

I'm road testing the latest products that are taking the beauty world by storm thanks to their amazing ability to blur the look of lines, wrinkles, large pores and rough textured skin. It may be an optical illusion - but it works! Article originally produced for and published on ITVs This Morning Brightening moisturiser The latest creams hitting the shelves are giving...

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Fabulous Face Oils Sarah Jagger

Fabulous face oils

Sarah Jagger road tests face oils and shares her top products with Natural Health Magazine I am a self confessed Facial Oil fanatic. Moisturisers and masks have their place but these concentrated botanical blends penetrate more deeply into the dermis to tackle skin concerns swiftly. Try using them in a number of ways to suit your skin: beneath moisturiser, instead of...

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Natural Health ‘Serum Top Picks’

Think of serums as ‘serious’ skincare. These cocktails of concentrated formulas and precious ingredients are where skincare companies are able to really show off their cosmetic creating skills and formulate intensive treatments to tackle problem areas. Whatever the issue may be, there is a super serum out there to render even the most stubborn skin complaint redundant. Read about my favourite...

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