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Review: Elite Retreats, Ibiza

I’m a bit of a yoga buff. No, that’s not right……’buff’ may be over exaggerating my yogic abilities. Yoga ‘bunny,' perhaps (only without all the bounce). A cat! Yeah, basically I’m a yoga ‘cat’. In between sleeping and eating I like to stretch to my hearts content and three classes a week not only help keep the mind-cobwebs away but...

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Pampering…The Next Best Thing

In an ideal world, I would dedicate an entire day each week to a decadent session of head to toe pampering in a luxury spa. Like any girl, I love nothing more than that ‘post- massage haze’, the ‘fresh facial glow’ or the gleam of newly polished nails. In reality, looking good is important but time is short (where do those...

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