Banishing Redness with Recover Correct and Conceal Red

There are plenty of concealers on the beauty market…and plenty of good ones at that. In my makeup kit I carry around a multitude of brands – some formulas that are creamy, others that are lightweight. At times I can use up to six different concealing products to colour correct, camouflage or bounce light around the face, which is all good and well on a beauty shoot but in real life we want to use as few products as possible to cheat our way to a flawless looking complexion –fast.

This is where Recover comes in. In a nutshell, it banishes redness yet remains virtually invisible to the naked eye. You can apply it directly onto your skin and the super fine layer will cover redness even underneath foundation. It’s instantly effective and texturally entirely different to traditional concealers.

I first met Recover creator, Annabel Jardella many moons ago, at a time when she’d enthusiastically thrown herself into researching everything there was to know about manufacturing makeup for ‘camouflage’: the technique of layering red, pink, green and yellow pigments to cover skin imperfections, scars or tattoos in such a meticulous way that skin looks flawless in even the most close- up HD filming.

As a film makeup artist, Annabel knew firsthand how important realistic camouflage was to perfect. Over the years many brands have delivered us products that work from the camouflage colour wheel basics (whereby green counteracts red and peach balances grey under eye circles), however Annabel wanted to take concealing to the next stage so produced a one-step solution to concealing like a professional makeup artist, without the need for skill. Recover is clever because it seems to almost do the blending for you. As a test, I applied it in terrible lighting so see how easily it streaked. It didn’t.

Ordinarily concealer is used after foundation to give that extra bit of coverage where foundation can’t. Recover is different. Think of it as tackling redness before you’ve even started your makeup. Apply to ruddy areas, pat in with fingertips and allow to dry for at least 10 seconds. After this, any makeup such as liquid foundation can be used straight over the top and the Recover below won’t budge in the process – a dream for anyone who has oily skin, perspires easily or lives in a hot climate.

Anyone reading this who lives with sensitive skin that flushes easily will know how irritating it can be. Those prone to blemishes understand how futile covering spots can also be, knowing that they’re only going to show through makeup moments later. What I like most about Recover is not only the fact that it covers redness without looking obvious but because it really lasts. Apply it in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day.

With so many products on the shelves to choose from, low maintenance solutions like this take the decision making out of buying makeup. And we won’t have to wait much longer for the under eye equivalent. Recover Correct and Conceal Under Eye is on its way….

Recover Correct and Conceal £28