Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

[dropcaps type=’normal’ color=” background_color=” border_color=”]T[/dropcaps]hose who know me well would tell you that I am unashamedly obsessed with two things in life: beauty products and The Wizard of Oz.

Now imagine the excitement in my house last week when I discovered that there was a new Oz film on its way…. and a magical makeup kit to match.

Introducing Urban Decay’s homage to the new Disney cinematic creation-The Oz palettes in Glinda (Good Witch) and Theodora (Bad Witch).

Both palettes deliver every shade you could wish for to suit your mood so all you need to do is decide….

Are you feeling sexy, mysterious and a little bit naughty? Then Theodora palette is for you including the perfect ruby slipper red lip crayon, smouldering smoky eye shadows and a jet black eye pencil.

Perhaps Glinda would suit you better? A dreamy combination of peach and pink shimmery eye shadows and a sweet, sheer beige lippy to finish off the look.

I was lucky enough to go to the screening of Oz The Great and Powerful (complete with green popcorn!!) and loved every single magical, 3D minute.

Michelle Williams (Glinda) and Mila Kunis (Theodora) both look so gorgeous, I have no doubt they’ll inspire a wave of women wanting to recreate their look and I predict these palettes will click their heels together and disappear off the shelves in no time. Get them while you can!

Urban Decay Oz Palettes £35.00 – Purchase Link